What would they call us?

I like to go into my brother’s room and just see what he is working on from time to time. I try to help him with anything I can, especially if its related to math. I wanted to know what his history class was going over, since they were in the 1700s, I asked him “what happened during that time?” He told me, “the Age of Enlightenment”. He explained how it was a time when society began adopting the scientific method and a time when people started challenging faith and other ideals. Cool. I started asking him more questions and that eventually led to the late 1700s when the French Revolution took place.

I started thinking about all the technology advances in this century so far, and it is just mind boggling to think about how much has changed in only a few decades. With all the technology advances and paradigm changes such as computers, the internet, social networks, and iPhones (just to name a few), what would the future generations title this era?